Outreach & Missions Ministry

Outreach & Missions Ministry

We are reaching out to our community by taking the gospel across the street from our church in a ministry called SHARE. With SHARE we open a door to relationships by serving free hot dogs and drinks with a gospel tract and offer of prayer. So far it has been a blessing to see how God is using this to bring people to us that He wants to reach and encourage in His love. SHARE ministry is the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month following the morning worship service.
If you are interested in being apart of SHARE, email Cody Elkins at codyelkins@calvarychandler.com.

Missions Ministry

It is our desire to be led by God to cross language and cultural barriers, to reach a lost and dying world with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is our desire to go where we believe God leads us. Therefore, we are seeking God on where He would lead us, when we should go and what we should do when we get there.
We are currently co-laboring with Michael Ohlmann in Philippines, Ron Miller in Thailand (http://baanimmanuel.org/), and Pastor Mike Collier with the San Carlos Indian Reservaton ministry AIM for Christ (http://aimforchrist.com/Home/), to reach those that really need to hear about the love of Jesus.

Missions Update

Philippines: Please Pray for continued health of the Ohlmanns so they can minister as they are often sick from the surrounding environment.

England – Calvary Exeter: Please pray for vision for outreach, for Molly as she adjusts to her move there and as a new missionary.  Pray for those divine appointments, and the university student discipleship.

Baan Immanuel  Thailand: Thailand is still under martial law.  The two opposing parties seem no closer to reconciling their differences.  Fortunately, violence has been minimized since the coup, but peace seems fleeting.  Please pray that violence doesn’t reoccur and democracy is restored.  Please pray for safety for the kids and staff.

Italy – Calvary Chapel Ferrara:  Is a new church plant in Ferrara, Italy with a city population of 130,000 where only 1/4 of 1% are Christian.  Pray for growth in the church and new believers, for David and Denae’s new marriage.  Also pray for Jake as he teaches as the bible college and youth group, pray for the new semester of students at the bible college.


We ask that you will pray that God breaks down walls and changes lives. If you are interested in giving financial or spiritual support to our missions teams, email us at missions@calvarychandler.com or click the donate button in the sidebar.

Ministry Contact: Cody Elkins and Cheyanne Paredes
Email: Missions@CalvaryChandler.com